Traditional Medicine as used by the Rastas in Mowbray, Cape Town

Oliva Andereggen

Joseph, Gad-Fire, Simon, and Asher’s practice centres on the concept of the ‘five bleeding wounds.’ These are: the hungry must be fed, the naked must be clothed, the sick must be nourished, the elders must be protected, and all the infants must be cared for. As herbalists, bush doctors, and collectors of herbs and medicine, they are deeply committed to the third ‘bleeding wound’, i.e. ‘nourishing the sick’. As a result of this commitment, they are able to provide assistance relating to many health issues, whether they be physical, psychological or spiritual. Members of the public are encouraged to speak to the Rastas, who can offer treatments for a variety of conditions, ranging from acne prone skin to mental health issues. Their remedies are completely natural, with most of their herbs and medicines having been gathered by themselves, on foot, in the Western, Eastern, and Northern Cape.

Cape Town, health

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