Laura Nkula-Wenz

Lecturer and Coordinator

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Laura Nkula-Wenz is a lecturer and coordinator for the MA in Critical Urbanisms. Based at the African Centre for Cities and in Urban Studies at the University of Basel, Laura is an urban geographer with a keen interest in postcolonial urban theory, African urbanism, and public culture. Her research focuses on the transformation of urban governance and the construction of local political agency, on questions of urban experimentation and knowledge networks, as well as the nexus of cultural production and urban change. She holds a PhD in Geography from the University of Münster/Germany, where she also completed a degree in Human Geography, Communication Studies and Political Science. Prior to joining the Critical Urbanisms program, Laura completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Pôle de recherche pour l’organisation et la diffusion de l’information géographique (Prodig) in Paris, funded by the Laboratory of Excellence “Territorial and Spatial Dynamics” (Labex DynamiTe).

Recent publications:

NKULA-WENZ, L. (2018): Of ‘godziners’ and ‘designer citizens’: The emergence of designers as political subjects in Cape Town. Journal of Urban Cultural Studies, 5 (2), pp. 165-185

NKULA-WENZ, L. (2018): Worlding Cape Town by design: Encounters with creative cityness. Environment & Planning A ,18(2), DOI: 10.1177/0308518X18796503

NKULA-WENZ, L. (2018): A Closer Look at the Role of International Accolades in Worlding Cape Town’s Urban Politics In: Bassens, D., Beekman, L. & B. Derudder (eds.) The City as Global Political Actor, Routledge. [peer-reviewed]

WENZ, L. (2015): The local institutional dynamics of international accolades: Cape Town’s designation as World Design Capital 2014. In: Haferburg, C. & Huchzermeyer, M. (eds.): Urban Governance in Postapartheid Cities. Stuttgart: Schweizerbart; Durban: UKZN Press, pp. 251-270 [peer-reviewed]

WENZ, L. (2015): Worlding - Zwischen theoretischer Annährung, kritischer Intervention und gelebter (Forschungs-) praxis. Kommentar zu Stephan Lanzs “Über (Un-) Möglichkeiten, hiesige Stadtforschung zu postkolonialisieren”. Sub/urban Zeitschrift für Kritische Stadtforschung, 3(1), pp. 97-102

WENZ, L. (2013): Changing Tune in Woodstock: Creative industries and local urban development in Cape Town/ South Africa. Gateways - International Journal of Community Research & Engagement, 5, pp. 16-34

Book reviews

NKULA-WENZ, L. (2017) „Dekolonisieren wir unsere Köpfe“…und unsere Städte! Rezension zu Zwischenraum Kollektiv (eds.) Decolonize the city. Zur Kolonialität der Stadt. Münster: Unrast Verlag. Sub/urban Zeitschrift für Kritische Stadtforschung, 5(3), pp. 172-175

NKULA-WENZ, L. (2016) Christine Hentschel 2015: Security in the Bubble: Navigating Crime in Urban South Africa. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 40(3), pp. 714-16