Towards a Nomadic Geography: Rethinking Space and Identity for the Potentials of Progressive Politics in the Contemporary City

Kenny Cupers
International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 29: 4, 2005

Focusing on recent debates about the importance of public space in the contemporary city, this essay examines how the concept of the public sphere has served as a highly specific way of understanding the city, in terms of a solid public geography. Current urban ambiguities—mobile urban lifestyles being dispersed over a globalising landscape and localisms reappearing in the core of the city—raise the question of whether the concept of the public sphere retains its explanatory power for understanding urban change. This essay proposes a nomadic geography that recognizes the workings of strangers in the construction of urban space and identity.

© Kenny Cupers, 2004

urban theory, nomadism, geography, public space

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