The Implementation of the EU Hotspot Approach in Greece and Italy: A Comparative and Interdisciplinary Analysis

Bilgin Ayata, Kenny Cupers, Alaa Dia, Dr. Chiara Pagano, Artemis-Maria Fyssa
Swiss Network for International Studies, 2021

Not all European countries face migration issues to the same extent. In virtue of their geography, the countries located at the EU's external border simply face more migratory pressures. This is why some European agencies started working on the ground with the frontline EU member states, these practices evolving into the “Hotspot approach”. The project investigates the new infrastructure created under this approach and how it compares to the previous infrastructure. The goal is to develop a new framework for the analysis of infrastructure in migration management. The research questions defined for getting a comprehensive outlook on this issue are as follows:

– How does the hotspot facility, as infrastructure space, enable migration management and transform the Mediterranean borderscape?

– How does this infrastructure space (re)shape relations between states, citizens and non-citizens?

The method chosen for this investigation is three-pronged: ethnographic research in the countries under examination, document analysis referring to the Hotspot approach, and mapping and visual analysis of the objects of study.

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Leros hotspot facility
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