Infinite, the ubiquitous repetition of the vertical grid facade

Giulia Scotto, Luca Girardini Photography
Studio 11, Terrific, 2017

Infinite is a project which documents a trend in contemporary architecture: the ubiquitous repetition of the vertical grid façade. Grid façades are ubiquitous, they appear in the center as well as in the periphery, in the complex historical urban fabric as well as in the areas of new urbanization. Regardless of the program and the location, it generates quite, almost sedated neighborhoods. Thanks to the comfort of anonymity and the calming effect of repetition it brings peace into chaos. The language is the same, a sort of simplified Esperanto, a very plain international English everybody can understand. In times of economical recession, it’s minimalist poetic is the perfect marketing strategy for a new moral austerity which brings relief after many tiring and costly years of postmodernism, high tech and “Zahahadidism”. It is “more with less”. ...