Infrastructures of Violence in the Bosnian-Croatian Borderscape


In this virtual discussion we will take a closer look at different forms of infrastructural violence performed by various actors towards transit migrants on the Balkan route and its contestations by migrants as well as locals in the Bosnian-Croatian borderscape.

How can the current approaches to transit migration and asylum in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as in Croatia be understood from a situated perspective? Which role does European interventionism play in the structural ‘crisis of EU solidarity’ that externalizes border and migration control to the margins of the EU- and Schengen area while simultaneously internalizing infrastructures of violence in South East Europe?

Which ways of resistance and support have migrants, residents and activists carved out in this postwar space to change the appalling situation of / living conditions and violence against the (temporarily) stranded refugees, continuously adapting and reshaping them on different scales?

Nidžara Ahmetašević is an independent journalist and researcher in Sarajevo. Sara Kekuš is a political scientist and activist from the Centre for Peace Studies, Zagreb. Lorenz Naegeli, a journalist based in Zurich, will give a brief introduction to the current situation of refugees along the Balkan route.

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