ENI’s “Disegno Africano”: images and imaginaries of a neo colonial expansion


In 1957 Enrico Mattei, president of Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi (ENI) launched the “grande Disegno Africano”: the project about the penetration of the African continent to conquer new resources and markets. Mattei realized his project through a series of diplomatic, political, econonomic, infrastructural strategies, as well as through propaganda. Starting from the screening of Al servizio dell’Africa, directed by Lionello Massobrio for ENI in 1970, the talk will delve into the visual aspect of “disegno Africano”, from cinematic image to the architecture.

Giulia Scotto (Fellow Roma Calling 2020/2021) will moderate a conversation between Caterina Borelli (Filmmaker) and Maristella Casciato (Architect, Architecture Historian, Curator).

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Agip Motel and Gas station in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
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