New Study Track: Urbanism Across Geographies

Urban Studies at the University of Basel is pleased to announce a new study track in its Master in Critical Urbanisms curriculum. In addition to a semester of research on urbanism from the Global South at the African Centre for Cities in Cape Town, the program now offers a semester of research on translocal urbanism.

Starting from Switzerland’s global entanglements, this new study track advances new modes of multi-sited urban research. Through collaborative project-based learning, students will explore how contemporary urban life is shaped by infrastructural violence, transnational conflicts of mobility and displacement, and struggles for social and environmental justice. Entitled “Urbanism Across Geographies," the track trains a generation of urbanists to develop site-based understandings of the urban, while opening up the postcolonial geographies from which that knowledge is produced, circulated, and applied.

The new option module is available for students starting in Fall 2020. Applications are now open.

For more information and to apply, visit our official program page.