Action Days for Racial Justice

The Racial Justice Student Collective is a group of Black people, Indigenous people, people of color and white allies, committed to addressing systemic racism within and outside of Swiss universities, and to supporting racial justice organizing across Switzerland. Taking our inspiration from the need to decolonize the academy, we are guided by perspectives that insist on acknowledging and dismantling systemic racism embedded within all institutions, and deconstructing the Western university’s role in the colonial projects whose violence continues to underpin systemic racism today. We are organized by and for students and grew out of an anti-racism initiative in June 2020 within the Critical Urbanisms MA program at the University of Basel. Since then, we have collaborated with the department to publish a set of commitments to addressing racism, in particular anti-Black racism, within our Fachbereich. As students and activists who believe in the collective liberation of all peoples, we consider the possibilities and responsibilities offered by simultaneously holding these overlapping roles. We are committed to collaboration with racial justice organizers across Switzerland and beyond, bridging the gap between academia and social movements, and mobilizing students towards action.

For general information about the RJSC, to register for the panels, sign up for the workshops, accessibility needs or to donate, please visit our website: website: While most events will take place online, some workshops will be held in person. If you plan to attend in person, please come healthy and wearing a mask! For workshops at Rote Fabrik, we can accommodate 30 people inside. For workshops at Autonome Schule Zürich, we can accommodate 20 people in person. Make sure to sign up for workshops, as space is limited! We also provide a physical networking spaces: Friday, Rote Fabrik Zürich starting at 16h with a BBQ and Apéro (attendees are encouraged to bring something to throw on the grill). Saturday and Sunday, Park Platz starting at 11h. For further questions, contact us at: email: