#5 Decoso Meeting Cybernetics for a 4th World


Friday, May 12th, 2023, 15:00 (CET) public meeting, livestream

5 Decoso Meeting

Cybernetics for a 4th World A Latin American World Model on Cooperative Development represented in the Buildings for UNCTAD III (Santiago de Chile, April 1972)

with David Maulén de los Reyes (Universidad Tecnológica Metroplitana) Kenny Cupers (University of Basel)

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During the short span of Salvador Allende’s presidency Chile hosted the Third United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD III). Studying the buildings and artworks created for the conference presents an aesthetic and technology for an alternative development – a 4th World. David Maulén de los Reyes will talk about his research on UNCTAD III, the political epistemology, co-op design strategies, and second-order cybernetics that informed the design of the buildings – offering a proposition from his research report “UNCTAD III: Building an alternative”. “UNCTAD III: Building an alternative”. The work meeting with David Maulén de los Reyes and Kenny Cupers discusses the programming of participation and the becoming “environmental” of architecture. We ask, which political epistemologies shaped socialist cybernetics and how they materialized in design.

“The society proposed in the model is not a consumer society; production is determined by social needs and not by profit…consumption is not an end in itself.” Catastrophe or New Society? A Latin American World Model (1976, 25). The model was designed shortly after UNCTAD III at the Fundación Bariloche in Argentina.