Semester Title
Spring 2018 Modern Urbanism, Study Trip: Berlin
Kenny Cupers, Giulia Scotto
Fall 2018 How does the 99% live? World Histories of Housing
Kenny Cupers
Past courses
Fall 2017 Critical Urbanisms: Theories and Methods
Kenny Cupers, Manuel Herz, Sophie Oldfield, Ginger Nolan
Fall 2017 Highway Africa Research Studio
Kenny Cupers, Manuel Herz, Dominique Malaquais, Prita Meier, Giulia Scotto
Fall 2017 Histories of Urbanization
Kenny Cupers
Fall 2017 African Cities
Sophie Oldfield
Fall 2017 Performing the City
Fall 2017 Minimal Architectures: Between Bare Life and Global Citizenship
Ginger Nolan
Fall 2017 Housing from Above and Below
Kenny Cupers, Manuel Herz, Sophie Oldfield
Fall 2017 Resource Economies from a Postcolonial Perspective
Remo Reginold
Fall 2017 Mapping Infrastructure and Urbanization